Legal Highs – a poem

Legal Highs

Legal highs has always killed people

Not for humans consumption

This shit should be illegal

Its only five pounds

You can buy it in a shop

Any city any town

Most people take it to cover up the pain

But all its really doing is messing up your brain

You think your ok

But its driving you insane

Start taking it social

Then you take it every day

It gives you all kind of issues

To do with your mental health

What you don’t realise is your killing yourself

Its not all what it says on the packet

If I were you I’d put it in the bin and chuck it

Its not easy to admit you’ve got a problem

But there’s people out there that can help you solve them

Y-SMART or talk to FRANK

They won’t just help you quite

You’ll keep your money in the bank

Look on….

10 years sat in a mingy old flat

Smoking pot, drinking beers

You have no friends and your family left you

If you don’t want that then there’s one thing you can do

At this moment in your prime

If you’ve got sense, stop smoking legal highs

Take it from someone who’s been in your position

I’m an ex addict, so I suggest you listen.