General information

Youth Justice Board

The Youth Justice Board for England and Wales (YJB) is an executive, non-departmental public body, with board members appointed by the Secretary of State for Justice. The YJB oversees youth justice in England and Wales; works to prevent offending and re-offending by children and young people under the age of 18; ensures that custody for them is safe, secure and addresses the causes of their offending behaviour.

Youth Offending Teams

Youth Offending Teams (YOTs) will help you if you get into trouble with the law. They look into your background problems and help you get your life back on track. If you get into trouble with the law, your local youth offending team will be there to support and supervise. They will also help your family if needed. They do this in different ways, and can get involved if: you get in trouble with the police or you get arrested; you are charged with a crime and have to go to court; you are convicted of a crime and given a sentence. There will usually be a caseworker in the youth offending team so you and your family only have to deal with one person.

Devon’s YOT is called the  Youth Justice Service