• Make a referral

    Referrals to our service can be made by professionals, parents, or young people themselves. Please be aware that we are a voluntary service and young people need to be aware of, and consent to, a referral being made. If you … Continue reading

  • Accessibility statement

    How Devon County Council websites are organised The Devon County Council ‘website’ is actually many separate websites and services, covering different areas of our work. Each website has its own accessibility statement, to ensure we can properly describe the accessibility … Continue reading

  • General information

    Youth Justice Board The Youth Justice Board for England and Wales (YJB) is an executive, non-departmental public body, with board members appointed by the Secretary of State for Justice. The YJB oversees youth justice in England and Wales; works to … Continue reading

  • Publications

    DDN – Drink and Drugs News DDN – Drink and Drugs News is the magazine for all professionals in the drug and alcohol field. DDN provides news, features, research and the latest thinking in the field. DDN works in partnership with the major organisations in the field to produce … Continue reading